Early Winter Haiku

dwindling frog song
as weather begins to cool

banish the Covid virus 


I bet he will write again

why do I invest my precious hour
writing poems that lead me to dead end?
the man with MFA rants.
I will never write again. 
He is just one of us many poets
struggling with bills to pay.
How long can he survive not holding the pen?
I bet he will write again soon,
longs to see, at the tip of the pen,
the lovely fairy that delivers the pieces
to some generous editors who hate rejections;
she even surprises him with near miss prize.
Pleasure of sharing my word with the world
is too much to trash,
he will shout in the wee hour, long live the poetry!    

IMG_2671 copy 2

©Byung A. Fallgren

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