Garden Work

Garden Work

Grany's energy and mood burst
with the spring arrival, she'd put on
a hat with the rainbow buttons sewed on it,
grab the hoe and begins to work on her garden.

When the green sprouts begin to emerge,
she's getting ready for the days to spray
pesticide; the image of little caterpillars
eating her little darlings; her lips curl. She'd
buy the best one and spray it over her babies. 
But wait; she pauses, thinking about 
the ground water pollution: pesticide and household 
cleaning agents can pollute our ground water sources.
so, they must be used and disposed properly. 

That ain't my problem. She smiles. As the article:
use the pesticide as instructed; don't pour the cleaning 
stuffs with water on the lawn or ground, and so on.

Looking at her green garden, she ponders,
what can be done more? Many things.
For now, she'd tend the new greens;
help them grow more. 

Garden Work is one of my three poems published in the 
Weekly Avocet--#497. 

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