Mommy’s Boy

Mommy's Boy

for she's the one who gave you birth.
No one blames for that.

But do not confuse your wife with 
a housekeeper and nanny.
She is a mother of your child.
she deserves some respect. 

Please, do not ignore her and discuss family matter 
with your mom: when that happens habitually, and
you call her unimaginable names when she points out
your wrongdoing, you've got a serious problem;
a male wasp with wayward wings;
an emotionally crippled son of a bitch. 

But you don't want to get a therapy, nor divorce;
you totally ignore how she feels;
yet she stays in marriage for the sake of the child,
embracing her bruised heart and pride, accepting 
your sickness.
she cries like a poet, silent lament
for you, twisted soul.
Respect your wife for the sake of your beloved child
as well. your shame knows.   Grow up.

©Byung A. Fallgren 


4 thoughts on “Mommy’s Boy

  1. In these scenarios, I always imagine the mother likely holds some fault too. Not always, but for a man to abuse his wife in favor of his mother suggests something not so innocent in my mind.

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